New Podcast coming soon

I will be doing a new podcast soon for the website called “The Angry Fathers Podcast”.

The podcast will feature guests over time and cover several issues plaguing family court. I also plan on allowing people to submit their own stories to be talked about, and will have a specific section of the podcast to provide positive, funny or inspiring stories, related to their children.

I am open to anyone coming on as a guest, however, I will have strict guidelines about being on the show.

These are my guidelines:

  1. There will be no disparaging remarks towards other parents, this will not be a show to trash talk other parents, regardless of how horrible they may sound/be
  2. We can discuss closed, or 3rd party cases (such as celebrity cases, or famous cases), but discussion of your own or other’s open cases will be not be allowed in order to ensure no legal issues arise.
  3. I am more than happy to accept submissions from alienated children, but they will be pre-moderated and I do not want this podcast to be harmful to other children, or harmful to their relationship to other parents (even if the other parent is an alienator).
  4. More will probably be added.

I will try and do the podcasts on a weekly basis. I do not have a set date or time. If you wish to discuss this further with me, I suggest checking out the r/fathersrights subreddit, specifically this post:

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